News 2018

Coaching Tip of the Month

Forehand Volley

If you play doubles then inevitably you are going to have to volley! So this months coaching tip focuses on improving the forehand Volley.

Done well, this shot is fairly simplistic in terms of technique.

Firstly, it is important to highlight a strong ready position at the net. Crucially it requires keeping elbows out in front of the body, racket straight and using continental grip (picture 1).

When you recognise the ball coming to forehand – you simply turn your wrist to present your palm to the ball, this should keep your forearm out in front of the body and push your elbow closer to your body (picture 2).

Finally, you then ‘push’ or ‘Block’ the ball at contact and lean the body forward to generate power (picture 3).

Summary of Forehand Volley relating to the 4 performance factors

Mental – Be brave and positive to encourage going to the ball

Physical – strong ready position, fast reactions, body weight forward into ball

Tactical – keep the ball low and look to control to open space

Technical – continental grip, turn wrist to present palm, push through the contact point.

Performance Training

tt tennis recently provided 3 x 2hr training sessions on Saturdays. The sessions targeted Juniors aged between 10 – 16yrs who are keen to compete. The sessions focused on training all 4 performance factors of Physical, Mental, Technical and Tactical skills. We also provided a Q&A session with Caleb Ralston, a top National Player, who has also joined the team as a Pro hitter! We will be organising another set of sessions in the new year so please keep a look out for the dates in the newsletter.

A well deserved congratulations!

To Ollie Williams and Vladimir Rozhkov who competed at the Frome Selwood team challenge event last Sunday. After winning all of their singles matches and bar one doubles match the boys came third after a tight breakdown of points. Well done lads!!

Coming Up!!


  • 5th coaching begins after half term
  • 10th, 24th Performance Training (email for more info)


  • Term ends week ending 8th


  • Spring Term starts week comm 7th Jan for Lansdown Juniors
  • Lansdown adults week comm 14th Jan
  • Bloomfield week comm 19th Jan