The simple 3 step process to get you enjoying tennis with us

Step 1. Identifying your level and tennis experience


Players who have not played before or have very little experience of tennis.


A player looking to build on the basics, may have tennis experience but not played for many years. An intermediate player would be able to play a match.


This player has considerable playing experience and competes regularly, possibly representing a team.

Step 2. Match the type of tennis to your goal

It is important to select the right type of tennis to match your goals.

If you want to learn new skills, coaching is the way to go.

If you want to train your skills, practice is ideal.

Our programs cover


Step 3. Select the right program for your availability

Flexible programs to fit your schedule,

so you don’t miss sessions and stay fresh and motivated.

Pay As You Go

Book weekly and pay on the day, giving you the greatest flexibility. Individual lessons are included as pay as you go and can be booked directly with a coach.


Weekly group lesson over a period of time, same time same place each week.

Workshops & Matchplays

Infrequent courses or tournaments focused on a specific topic. Workshops target a specific area, while matchplays give additional match practice.


"I regularly attend TT Tennis 'Pay as You Go' Ball Machine Sessions, which I really enjoy. Pay as You Go sessions are ideal for players who can't or perhaps don't want to commit to attending the same session every week’